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Pleasant Valley War
They Shot Billy Today
They Shot Billy Today-Contains biographical sketches of individual members of each family involved in the Pleasant Valley War....
Black Mesa
A reprint of the tragic hanging of Jamie Stott and two other young cowboys and its relationship to the Pleasant Valley War....
Early Arizona History
Crossing Arizona
Montana Trails
Crossing Arizona-An anthology of thirty diaries written by travelers or explorers who crossed Arizona before it was a territory......
Montana's Benton Road
A story of the freight and stage coach road from Fort Benton to Helena, Montana. Starting as a section of a military road it soon became one of the most famous routes in Northern Montana.....
Catch the Stage to Phoenix
Catch the Stage to Phoenix- Tales of the stage routes from Prescott to Phoenix, AZ through Wickenberg and the Black Canyon....
Out of Print
Thomas Hanchett's Ancestry
The English Ancestry of
Thomas Hanchett
Puritan Settler of Connecticut
Traces the Hanchett family in England from
Domesday to the death of Thomas Hanchett in
Suffield, Connecticut...
Revised October 1, 2015