Revised December 18, 2017
"Montana's Benton road" contains the personal and historic accounts of those who knew the road best - the laborers, soldiers and coach drivers who built, traveled and maintained this dangerous road. Travel the stage lines with Charles and Silas Huntley; deliver the mail with the Wells Fargo coach drivers: and stay a night at John Brown's Eagle Rock stage station, but watch out for outlaws!

Among the dangers along the Benton Road were raids by Indians and highwaymen. More dangerous, however, were the natural disasters which plagued the travelers along the road. The severe winters, sudden rainstorms resulting in devastating floods, and wear and tear on the road itself as the result of heavy traffic, took a higher toll in lives and property than could possibly have been inflicted by humans. Illustrated with historic black and white and color photographs,"Montana's Benton Road" offers a complete history of the Benton Road from its construction to its inevitable usurpation by the Montana Central Railroad.
Travel back in time along Montana's historic Benton Road in Leland J Hanchett, Jr's "Montana's Benton Road." First constructed by Captain John Mullan as part of the Mullan military road from Wala Wala, Washington to Ft Benton, Montana the Benton Road became the major transportation route between Fort Benton and Helena, Montana
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