Revised December 18, 2017
The name Hanchett was first noted in 1066 AD at a location just west of Haverhill in Suffolk County, England. The family, probably of Norman descent, took their name from that location which remains today as Hanchett Hall. There and in Shudy Camps, Cambrigeshire they prospered until the "Peasants Revolt" of 1381 when the leader of the family was beheaded for supporting the peasants! His cousins, John and Thomas Hanchett, started over in new locations, and brought an even higher level of prosperity to the family.

250 years later, another John and Thomas Hanchett embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, relocating to New England. While John's male line ended, Thomas' descendants went on to produce most of the over 1,000 Hanchetts living in America today.
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