Revised December 18, 2017
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" Great Arizona history! I thought I had all the books written about the Pleasant Valley War. Discovered a preview of this book on Amazon and ordered it immediately. It was exactly what I needed to complete my collection."

" This is just one more book that I'm using for research on the Pleasant Valley War."
The Pleasant Valley War was about families and their determination to right a wrong done to another family member. The news of Hamp Blevins' death evoked more anger from Andy Cooper than his family had ever seen before. Tom Graham's daughter, Estella, said that her father didn't go to war until his half brother, Billy Graham, was ambushed, Jim Tewksbury stated that there was no way he would live within a mile of the man (meaning Tom Graham) who had killed his brother, John.
Reason went out the window. Retribution was the only thought in mind. The damage done to the families, their allies, and even the Territory of Arizona can only be seen clearly now, over a century later.
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