John Martin Hanchett has been without doubt the most notable character to emerge from the ancient line of Hanchetts. His bravery stands out even from a time when that trait was found in many men, both rich and poor. But bravery was not his only admirable quality. He was also generous in his praise of others, creative in his desire to make the world a better place and skilled at communicating his ideas.

He demonstrated those qualities in spite of his multiple scars of war which he carried with him over most of his life. After joining the Royal Navy at age 19, it took 17 years of service to be left with two legs that barely functioned. The praise he received for his daring acts during the Napoleonic Wars was reward enough at the time but when he really needed encouragement or simply a fair shake, neither the military nor the civilian government would lend a hand.

6" x 9" Format 334 pages with color illustrations throughout.
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Revised July 21, 2020.
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