A speech given by Maine native Paris Gibson, founder of Great Falls, Montana, reminds us how vital people from Maine were to the settlement of the western United States. Leaving Maine to find a better life was prevalent even before the Gold Rush. When the Ohio Country opened in 1787, Maine farmers heard tales of fertile valleys and realized that could be a vast improvement over Maine's boulder-strewn fields.

The Mainers filled their wagons with the bare essentials, the family climbed on board, and off they went to fulfill their life’s dream. Upon discovering gold in California, men from all corners of Maine bid their wives and families adieu and traveled, usually alone, by steamship or oxen pulled wagon heading west to seek their fortunes and serve their fellow men.

Six men and one very brave woman are the subjects of this study and you will find their lives interesting as well as rewarding.

6" x 9" Format 376 pages with color illustrations throughout.
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Revised July 21, 2020.
Softbound $20.00
Revised June 20, 2021
Softbound $20.00